Faculty: Biography

Somanath Shenoy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy
Address: UGA Clinical Pharmacy Program
Augusta University
Augusta, GA 30912
Office: HM-1200
Phone: (706) 721-4250
Email: sshenoy@gru.edu
Ph.D.NDRI, Indian Council of Agricultural ResearchIndia2000
B.S.Mahatma Gandhi UniversityIndia1994
M.S.Annamalai UniversityIndia1996
Post-doctoral Experience
Postdoctoral Fellow, Biological Sciences, Kent State University, Kent, OH, 2002-2003

Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, 2003-2007
Honors and Awards
• Elected as the ‘Fellow of American Heart Association’ (FAHA) - 2013.
• Outstanding Achievements in Research Award (2012) at the 17th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 15th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine, Crete, Greece.
• Young Investigator Award (2008) at the 12th Biennial Midwest Platelet Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.
• New Investigator Travel Award (2007) at the 4th Annual Symposium of the American Heart Association Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences, Keystone, CO.
• Junior Investigator Award of Excellence (2007) at the Lerner Research Institute staff research retreat, Cleveland Clinic, for the second consecutive year.
• Junior Investigator Award of Excellence (2006) at the Lerner Research Institute staff research retreat, Cleveland Clinic.
• Irvine H. Page Award (2005) for the best publication at the Department of Molecular Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic.
• Innovator Award (2005) by the Cleveland Clinic for the invention of “Novel approach to control vascular maturation and permeability”.
Research Interests
The long-term goal of the Shenoy lab is to enable the development of new and innovative therapeutics for pulmonary hypertension, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and prostate cancer through better understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating vascular permeability, angiogenesis, integrin activation, myofibroblast differentiation, extracellular matrix remodeling, oncogenic transformation and bone remodeling. Primary focus of his research is on Transforming growth factor-β (TGFβ), Protein kinase B (Akt) and P21 activated kinases, as well as their signaling partners on mediating these processes.
Representative Publications
Abdalla M, Goc A, Segar L and Somanath PR, 2013. Akt1 Mediates alpha-Smooth Muscle Actin Expression and Myofibroblast Differentiation via Myocardin and Serum Response Factor, J Biol. Chem. 288 (46), 33483-33493.

Kerr BA, Ma L, West XZ, Ding L, Malinin NL, Weber ME, Tischenko M, Goc, A, Somanath P.R., Penn MS, Podrez EA and Byzova T.V. 2013. Interference with Akt signaling protects against myocardial infarction and death by limiting the consequences of oxidative stress. Sci Signal. 6: (287), ra67.

Goc A, Al-Husein B, Abdalla M, Al-Azayzih A and Somanath PR, 2012. P21 activated kinase-1 (Pak1) promotes prostate tumor growth and microinvasion via inhibition of TGFβ expression and enhanced MMP9 secretion. J Biol Chem. 288 (5), 3025-3035.

Somanath, P.R., Vijai, J., Byzova, T.V. and Kandel, E.S. 2009. The role of PAK-1 in activation of MAP kinase cascade and oncogenic transformation by Akt. Oncogene, 28: 2365-2369.

Chen, J. & Somanath, P.R (Co-first authors), Chen, WS, Hay, N, Byzova, T.V. 2005. Akt1 regulates pathological angiogenesis, vascular maturation and permeability in vivo. Nature Med. Nov.11 (11): 1188-1196.
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